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Meta Kuwait | Registration, Login And Biometric Appointment Easy Guide

Meta Kuwait Portal allows users to schedule appointments before visiting government departments using a centralized platform. This article will walk you through logging in, registering, and acquiring appointments with META Kuwait

What Is Meta Kuwait?

Meta Kuwait is an online tool the Kuwaiti government provides for booking and managing appointments for government services. This service allows users to schedule appointments easily and reduces government office wait times. The following paragraphs explain how to use META Kuwait step-by-step.

Meta Kuwait | Registration, Login And Biometric Appointment Easy Guide

Meta Kuwait Registration

Meta Kuwait Portal makes it easy to create accounts and access a variety of online services. To register on the Meta Kuwait Portal, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the “Official Website.” Click on the Provided button.

Meta Kuwait Registration

Step 2: Please choose “English” if Arabic is not understood.

Step 3: Click on “Register.”

Step 4: Enter your “Civil ID,” “Civil ID Serial Number,” “Email Address,” and “Mobile Number,” and accept “Terms and Conditions.

Step 5: Click on “Register.”

Step 6: You can activate your “Meta Account” by clicking the activation link in your “Email.”

Step 7: You can access your Meta account after setting your password by entering your “Civil ID and Password.”

Meta Kuwait Login By Civil ID

Follow these steps to log into the Meta Kuwait portal by civil ID:

Step 1: Visit the “Official Website.” Click on the provided button.

Meta Kuwait Login


Step 2: Please choose “English” if Arabic is not understood.

Step 3: Enter the “Civil ID” number and “Password.”

Step 4: Click on the “Login” button.

How To Book Meta Kuwait Biometric Appointment Online

Meta Kuwait Biometric Appointment online booking process is straightforward. Please follow these steps.

Step 1: Visit the “Official Website.” Click on the provided button.

Book Meta Kuwait Appointment


Step 2: Please choose “English” if Arabic is not understood.

Step 3: Enter the “Civil ID” number and “Password.” Then click on the “Login” button.

Step 4: Click on the “Appointment Search” tab.


Step 5: Select the “Kuwait Ministry of Interior.

Step 6: Click on “General Department of Personal Identification.”

Step 7: Click on “Biometric Enrollment.”

Step 8: Choose a convenient “Date and Time.”

Step 8: Please verify your “Detail.”

Step 9: A biometric appointment can be requested through the Meta Kuwait portal.

How to Book For an Appointment in Meta Portal | Biometric Enrollment Kuwait

How To Book An Appointment Via Meta Check-In App

Step 1: Download the “Meta Check-In” app from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Open the “Meta Check-in” app.

Step 3: Enter your “Civil ID” number and “password.” Then click on the “Login” button.

  • Step 4: Go to the dashboard and click “Appointments”.
  • Step 5: Select the Kuwait Ministry of Interior from the list.
  • Step 6: Choose the General Department of Personal Identification.
  • Step 7: Select Biometric Enrollment
  • Step 8: Choose a convenient date and time.
  • Step 9: Verify the details.
  • Step 10: You can request a biometric appointment through the Meta portal.

Meta Kuwait Biometric Scan

Meta Kuwait biometric scan mandate applies to all individuals entering the country, regardless of citizenship status. Citizens and residents may travel without undergoing fingerprinting initially, but they must do so upon returning. In the Kuwait biometric system, individuals aged 18 and older are scanned for their faces, eyes, and fingerprints.

Meta Biometric Scan Update

Meta Kuwait biometric appointment procedure includes the following information:

Deadline Announcement Biometric fingerprints must be obtained by citizens and residents by March 1, 2024, according to the Ministry of Interior.
Requirement The Ministry informs citizens and residents that obtaining biometric fingerprints is mandatory, and failure to comply will result in suspension of transactions.
Collection Process Kuwait International Airport, border entry points, and designated centers collect biometric fingerprints from citizens and residents of GCC countries.
Immediate Collection At designated centers and commercial complexes in the GCC, citizens and residents can have their biometric fingerprints taken immediately upon arrival.

Importance of Biometric Appointment

The importance of biometric appointments in ensuring security and identity verification cannot be overstated. Keeping strict standards and enhancing Kuwait’s overall security measures depends on them.

Biometric appointments generally require the presence of the individual undergoing the process for identity verification.

Meta Biometrics Appointment Kuwait is dedicated to security and efficiency, providing individuals with streamlined and secure identification processes.

How To Book an Appointment In Meta Kuwait

Using Meta Kuwait’s online appointment services will enhance accessibility for individuals who require various services:

  • Visit the Meta portal to log in. 
  • You can access “Appointments” from the dashboard.
  • Choose the appropriate government agency.
  • Select the department or service you want.
  • Choose a date and time that is convenient for you.
  • Please provide any necessary information or documentation.
  • Confirm the details of the appointment.
  • Submit your appointment request.

Meta Kuwait Portal Login Forgot Password

Follow these steps to recover your Meta portal password if you forget it:

Step 1: Go to the Meta portal.

Step 2: Please choose “English” if Arabic is not understood.

Step 3: Click on “Forgot your password? ”.

Step 4: Enter your “Civil ID” in the new tab and click “Submit”.

Step 5: Please check your email account for an email.

Please check your email account for an email.

Step 6: Click the “Set your password” link in your email to activate.

Step 7: Please enter your “Civil ID” number and “New Password”, and then click on “Reset ”.

Step 7: Click “Click here to log in” to your Meta account after your password has been successfully reset.

How To Unlock Meta Kuwait Account

Follow these steps to unlock your Meta Kuwait account:

  • Visit the “Official Website” and “Login.”
  • Click Security Alerts in the Admin Centre’s left menu.
  • Click on View Detail next to the alert to see more details.
  • Make sure you review the information.
  • Click on Unlock account. An email link is sent to the person’s email address to unlock their account.

Meta E Gov Kuwait portal

Meta Kuwait Portal, accessible at, provides a range of digital services as an online platform provided by Meta. A variety of government services are available in Kuwait, including online appointments.

Meta e gov Kuwait offers a user-friendly interface for accessing government services. With features such as online appointments, it enhances efficiency and modernizes citizens’ interactions with Kuwaiti government agencies.

Metaprodapp Azurewebsites Features Login

Various meticulously crafted features enhance the digital experience for Kuwaiti users with Meta Portal Kuwait. Check out its comprehensive offerings below:

  • Schedule appointments with ease.
  • Make sure you are aware of the prerequisites in advance.
  • Maintain security while reducing wait times and queues.
  • Streamline processes to promote social distancing.
  • Provide seamless interaction with service personnel through direct video calls.

Meta Kuwait Portal Does Not Work

Meta Portal Kuwait, linked to (, is inaccessible due to a ‘403 Forbidden’ error. As confirmed by a friend, this problem occurs across multiple devices. The following factors contribute to the Meta Portal’s malfunction:

Restricted Access Meta Kuwait page is currently blocked by the hosting server for unknown reasons.
Potential Causes Server misconfigurations, administrator-defined limitations, or other technical difficulties may result in these restrictions.

Meta Kuwait Not Found

Meta Kuwait main page links to, but visiting this site returns a “403 Forbidden” error. Sahel app offers individuals a hassle-free platform to book appointments, simplifying bureaucratic procedures and improving user satisfaction.

Meta Kuwait Error 403 Forbidden

If you try to access a website or resource, you may receive a 403 Forbidden error. Possible solutions include:

403 Forbidden error Detail
Try Refreshing the Page Refreshing the page may fix the error.
Double-check the Address Make sure the URL points to a file or website, not a directory.
Clear Browser Cookies and Cache Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies may fix the problem.
Check Permissions If the website requires logging in, check your permissions.
Try Again Later Wait a bit and go back to the website later; it may only be a temporary issue.
Contact the Website Owner For assistance, contact the website owner or use social media.
Contact Your ISP The website may work for others but not for you if your ISP blocks your IP address.
Disconnect VPN As some websites block VPN users, disconnect your VPN and try accessing the website directly.

Meta Kuwait Allows 30 Appointments Every Hour

The Meta Kuwait platform has facilitated appointments for visitors across Kuwait’s 6 governorates, allowing 30 individuals to book appointments an hour.

Al-Jahra and Mubarak Al-Kabeer governorates witnessed moderate turnouts, while Farwaniya and Hawalli governorates saw high numbers of visitors.

Al-Anbaa interviewed expatriates who wanted family visits extended to three months. When renting apartments and covering travel expenses, accommodating family members for a month can be expensive.

A security source assured expatriates that visitation policies would remain open. A government goal is to stimulate commercial activities while ensuring that essential services, including healthcare, are not overburdened.

Expatriates also raised logistical concerns, particularly in countries not directly served by the national airline. Entry visas would only be granted upon presentation of tickets issued by the national carrier, even if travelers transit through the airline’s country of operation.

Meta Kuwait Family Visit Visa Appointment

Kuwait announced the start of family visit visa applications on Wednesday, February 7th. Applications will be accepted at residency affairs departments nationwide. Booking an appointment for a family visit visa requires individuals to use the Metta platform in advance. Booking an appointment is easy:

  • Visit the “Official Website” to log into the Meta portal.
  • Go to the “Appointments” section.
  • Choose “Ministry of Interior Kuwait”.
  • Select “General Department of Residency.”
  • Click “apply” for “family visit visa.”
  • Click “apply” to select your nearest department.
  • Schedule an appointment at a convenient time.
  • Confirm all the details.
  • Submit your appointment request.

Meta Portal Features

Meta Portal Kuwait Features

Discover a plethora of meticulously crafted features designed to enhance Kuwaiti users’ digital experiences with Meta Portal Kuwait. The Meta Portal offers the following features:

  • Prepare prerequisites and schedule appointments effortlessly.
  • Maintain security while reducing queues and wait times.
  • Optimize processes to ensure social distancing.
  • For interactive communication, use direct video calls.

Meta Kuwait Online

Meta Portal Kuwait, a web platform hosted by Azure Web Sites, can be accessed via Developed by Meta, it combines a variety of digital services. Kuwait government services are available through this portal, which facilitates online appointments and grants access to an extensive selection of services.

Meta Kuwait Contact Detail

FAQs About Meta Kuwait

Q1) What is Meta Kuwait?

Ans:- Meta Kuwait is an online tool provided by the Kuwaiti government for booking and managing appointments for government services. This service allows users to schedule appointments easily, but also reduces government office wait times. The following paragraphs explain how to use META Kuwait step-by-step.

Q2) How can I reset my Meta Kuwait password?

Ans:- Please Follow these steps.

  • Go to the Meta portal.
  • Please choose “English” if Arabic is not understood.
  • Click on “Forgot your password? ”.
  • Enter your “Civil ID” in the new tab and click “Submit”.
  • Please check your email account for an email.
  • Click the “Set your password” link in your email to activate.
  • Please enter your “Civil ID” number and “New Password”, and then click on “Reset ”.

Q3) How can I login to the meta portal?

Ans:- Visit the Meta Portal Kuwait website and use your Civil ID and password to log in.

Q4) How can I get a fingerprint appointment in Meta Kuwait?

Ans:- Please Follow these steps.

  • You can access the Meta portal by logging in with your Civil ID and password.
  • Go to Appointments on the dashboard.
  • Choose the General Department of Personal Identification.
  • Enter the biometric enrollment information.
  • Decide on a convenient time and date.
  • Please provide any necessary information or documentation.
  • Confirm the details of the appointment.
  • Submit your appointment request.

Q5) How do I apply for a meta appointment?

Ans:- Just Follow these steps.

  • Visit the official MOI website.
  • Select the “Appointment” section.
  • Go to the Meta portal and log in.
  • Go to the dashboard and select “Appointments ”.
  • Please select “Ministry of Interior Kuwait ”.
  • Select “General Department of Personal Identification ”.
  • Select “Biometric Enrollment ”.

Q6) How to take a biometric appointment in Meta Kuwait?

Ans:- Biometric appointments with Meta Kuwait have become more accessible. To schedule your appointment with Meta Kuwait, follow these steps:

  • The Meta portal can be accessed by logging in with your Civil ID and password.
  • Go to the dashboard and select Appointments.
  • Choose the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior.
  • Select the General Department of Personal Identification.
  • Specify the biometric enrollment method.
  • Decide on a convenient date and time.
  • Review and confirm the details.
  • Your biometric appointment request must be submitted via the Meta portal.

Q7) What time is the biometric appointment in Kuwait?

Ans:- The Finger Print Meshrif (Hawally & Alasema) is open from 8 AM to 1 PM, Sunday through Thursday. The fingerprint services office in Farwaniya is open from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Sunday through Thursday. The Mubarak al Kabeer Fingerprint Office is open from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Sunday through Thursday.

Q8) How do I find my biometric appointment date?

Ans:- Your appointment notice (Form I-797C, Notice of Action) will include the date, time, and location of your ASC appointment. During your ASC appointment, we will verify your identity and conduct a background check and security check based on your biometrics.

Q8) How do you change your email ID in the Meta portal Kuwait?

Ans:- Your Meta account can be connected to a new email address by adding the following:

  1. Using your Meta account information, log into the Accounts Center.
  2. Select Personal details from the left-hand menu.
  3. For contact information, click here.
  4. Select Add new contact, then Add email.
  5. Select the accounts you wish to add this email to after entering your email address.

Q9) How to unlock Meta Kuwait?

Ans:- Please Follow these steps.

  • Click here. Click Security Alerts on the left menu of the Admin Center. .
  • Next to the alert, click View details.
  • Take a look at the information.
  • To unlock your account, click Unlock. A link will be sent to the user’s email address that will allow them to unlock their account.

Q10) How can I register for a Kuwait biometric appointment?

Ans:- To book a biometric appointment in Kuwait, simply visit the official MOI website, Meta platform, or Sahel app, and follow the scheduling instructions.

Q11) How can I change my email in Meta Kuwait?

Ans:- You can manage the email address associated with your Meta account here

  1. Meta account information is required to log in to Accounts Center.
  2. Click on the Personal details link on the left.
  3. Please click on Contact Info.
  4. Select Add new contact, then Add email.
  5. Select the accounts you want to add this email to after entering your email address.

Q12) Can I book a biometric appointment without the letter?

You cannot schedule an appointment for biometric collection until you receive your Biometric Instruction Letter (BIL) from IRCC.
We ask that you cancel your appointment if you do not receive your letter by your appointment date/time.

Q13) How do I register for biometrics in Kuwait?

Ans:- Please Follow these steps.

  • Visit the MOI website for more information.
  • Visit the website’s “Appointment” section.
  • Please click the “GCC National Biometric Enrollment” or the “Meta platform”.
  • The booking of your biometric appointment can be completed by following the steps provided.

Q14) How much is the biometric fee?

Ans:- Starting April 1, 2024, there will no longer be a separate biometrics fee of $85 (the exceptions are TPS and EOIR filings, which will still have a separate biometrics fee of $85 but reduced to $30).


Meta Kuwait has changed the way citizens work with government services, offering a single platform for scheduling appointments and managing various administrative tasks. By following the step-by-step instructions outlined in this article, users can use Meta Kuwait easily, providing easy access to essential services.

Whether it’s registering for a biometric appointment or booking a family visit visa, Meta Kuwait simplifies bureaucratic procedures, reducing wait times and improving user experience. Get to know Meta Kuwait with ease and unlock a world of digital government services at your fingertips.